2019 Themes

Every quarter Bloom Network focuses on a specific topic, to connect the people and organizations who are working in that area so we can be stronger together. Local Bloom chapters host local events, and we gather online as an international community to share best practices.

We hope you’ll tune in to share wisdom and spread the love!

Register for the monthly community video calls to receive the login link and let us know what you’d like to contribute. Most calls are free and open to the public. Some feature curated presenters who will share special insights, experience and trainings, with a small fee to attend.

Bloom members can contribute posts to the wiki related to each each theme, via the Bloom member portal.

January – March

In regenerative culture, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility.

This looks like a wide variety of things depending on the context and location. It could be a community food forest, restorative justice or indigenous solidarity. It could be a company changing their supply chains to support local cooperative makers. It could look like installing a greywater system so any water you use for showers or dishes is recycled to water plants.

As we face climate change and rapid economic shifts as a global civilization, there is a need for people everywhere to adopt regenerative practices, and for us to change many of our industrial systems from extractive to regenerative wherever possible.

We hope that you’ll get involved to learn more and share what you know!

April – June

Creating spaces for and sharing collective wisdom is a unifying arc throughout Bloom Network. How can we best make wise collective decisions and take wise collective action together? What are the tools we have on hand to help enable this? And what are ways to support the protection and respect of traditional wisdom, as we collectively share ways to be together that are deeply life serving?

This theme will explore frameworks for collaboration networks across industries, sectors, scales and differing belief systems, to move through today’s complex problems. Tools include wise democracy, conflict resolution, arts based research tools, decentralization, and many other facets of emergent group wisdom. Creating more regenerative cultures is dependent on not just having the answers now, but also the capacity to generate wise answers together on an ongoing basis as circumstances change.

July – September

This focus area will look at preventative and restorative practices that provide low cost opportunities for fostering health in ourselves, our homes, our communities and in our places of work.

​Bloom’s approach to health is inclusive of the recovery and protection of ancestral health practices, ecopsychology, and holding space for deep ways of knowing and sensing. Psychedelics and their role in the integration of the psyche and consciousness has historically been part of what brings people to our network and will continue to be a strong focus area. We’ll also explore health offerings that reverse the systemic oppression that contributes to violence and disease. Lastly, we will not shy away from acknowledging the metaphysical and spiritual realities that underpin community healing for many of us.

October – December

Artists, media professionals, makers, and creative activists will come together in this stream to dream up how to share regenerative inspiration across the planet. The sky is the limit for what we can conceive of together to instigate action and bring light to places of shared empathy. Please bring your creative spark!

We’ll be inviting all participants in this theme to make an art piece and send it to another person in the network!