2019 Community Calls

We host a monthly community call online every third Monday at 6pm PST. Tune in to share wisdom and spread the love. Most calls are free and open to the public. Some feature curated presenters who will share special insights, experience and trainings, with a small fee to attend.

Bloom members can contribute wiki posts and schedule skillshares via the Bloom member portal, as well as collaborate on an ongoing basis through the Global Change Collective, an augmented intelligence-assisted networking platform.

Next Call:

Collective Wisdom is the Bloom Network-wide theme for April – June 2019

Creating spaces for and sharing collective wisdom is a unifying arc throughout Bloom Network. How can we best make wise collective decisions and take wise collective action together? What are the tools we have on hand to help enable this? And what are ways to support the protection and respect of traditional wisdom, as we collectively share ways to be together that are deeply life serving?

This theme will explore frameworks for collaboration networks across industries, sectors, scales and differing belief systems, to move through today’s complex problems. Tools include wise democracy, conflict resolution, arts based research tools, decentralization, and many other facets of emergent group wisdom. Creating more regenerative cultures is dependent on not just having the answers now, but also the capacity to generate wise answers together on an ongoing basis as circumstances change.

Future Educational Community Calls

July 15, 6:00PM Pacific

How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency

With John Light

Learn how to transition from using centralized fiat currencies to decentralized cryptocurrencies and what the benefits of this transition are for you and your community/ project/ organization.


  • The differences between fiat currency and cryptocurrency
  • High level overview of popular cryptocurrencies, including how they can be used and how they differ from one another
  • The “business case” for cryptocurrency
  • How to start experimenting with using cryptocurrency and eventually make a complete transition- Q&A

Moon Mountain Online Summit

2-Day Summit, January 2020

Moon Mountain is a partner of Bloom Yuba Watershed in Nevada County, California. They are dedicated to the empowerment of womxn leaders. Workshops will include a focus on healing ancestral trauma, ancestral awakening, decolonization, earth-based skills, movement, indigenous wisdom, craft, creativity, magic, empowerment and activism.