Every quarter, Bloom Network hosts a global media and action campaign focused on a specific issue. We partner with organizations, companies, and media producers to expose their work to a global audience. Local Bloom chapters host events for community to connect, learn, and take hands-on action! The themes continually build new relationships and grow the reach for the whole ecosystem of organizations and practices Bloom works with.

Planet Medicine
January – March
For thousands of years, plant medicines have guided humanity in right relationship with the Earth and exploration of the universe. This theme explores the spectrum of our relationship with plants for food, medicine and shelter. We also highlight the social justice and conservation issues facing Indigenous peoples.

The Role of Storytelling in Regenerative Culture
Explore the different facets of regenerative culture through storytelling. Bloom chapters are encouraged to host events that feature innovative local storytellers, and to share media from their communities about local regenerative solutions. 

Tech Freedom
This theme features innovations in decentralization technologies. From Bitcoin to encrypted messaging services to online cooperatives, decentralization tools are providing ways for communities to keep their resources circulating among themselves for autonomy and privacy. The recommended action for this theme is to host a CryptoParty: https://www.cryptoparty.in/

Art for Social Change
Through the end of the year, Bloom Network celebrates the role of the arts in social movements.