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inspiring a billion acts of regeneration

Bloom Network is an international community of people and projects working toward regenerative cultures. Local Bloom hubs around the world grow participation in practices such as food security, local economies, celebrations of diversity, and art as cultural transformation.

Why? There are tens of thousands of solutions for climate restoration and social equity all over the world. However, they are invisible to the general public and disconnected from one another. Bloom connects people and existing initiatives, locally and globally, to build capacity together and inspire a billion acts of regeneration.

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

-William Gibson 

What’s Happening?

Permaculture Community Gardens with Bloom Stroud

So been a slow burn startup here in Stroud, but eventually I have managed to hook up with Save The Oaks project here in the UK https://savetheoaks.org/ - initially I was going to plant 100 oak saplings, as my small part of the 50,000 national rollout this season, I...

What Happens in Local Blooms?

Today I gave a talk as part of MetaFest, a conference/hackathon/festival by MetaGame who are building tools for better human collaboration via Web 3 (crypto, blockchain etc). I tend to be more like the systems engineer for Bloom so I'm not always the best person to...

Building Bioregional Food Systems Post-COVID 19: The Northeast Healthy Soil Network & the power of regional food system reform consortium work

COVID-19 has reminded us, perhaps as never before, that we need an overhaul, not only of our health care system, but our food system as well. [1]  As a steady stream of studies and articles point out, a priority of future food system policy should be to...

Nudibranch Dance deferred to September!

A blog from Hannah, Community Support for Bloom Network. Community Calls with Bloom Network in 2020 were an epic series of great topics and guests, ranging from Future Economies, Distributed Manufacturing & Bioregional Production, introduced people to the...

Bloom Network Development Blog

Hello there. I'm Magenta, and I'm working on some prototypes for Bloom Network's next website. We've reached a point as a collective where we need more app-like functionality with our site, to encourage peer-to-peer resource sharing among Bloom members and the public...

New Bloom

In January of 2021, we kicked off our Bloom in Columbia, Missouri with a virtual call over Google Meet.  I’m supposed to make this blog post about my Bloom kickoff, because it was a big deal ten years and also because I’ve been working all these years towards...

Muda: experimenting other economies based on happiness and abundance 🙂

Bloom Rio de Janeiro Reposted from the original blog on Cambiatus' Medium page: https://medium.com/cambiatus/muda-experimenting-other-economies-based-on-happiness-and-abundance-b31441f42f0d By Luiz Hadad My first Cambiatus post will share experiences participating...

Crypto Training – Bloom Diamante

Diamante Bridge Collective - Crypto Training Diamante Bloom in Costa Rica hosted a training on December 4, 2020, to teach their community how to use digital wallets, exchange crypto, and about basic tokenomics. The workshop happened at Diamante Luz. The desired...

Web3 Training, Sunday Dec 13

When: Sunday, December 13 2020, 5-6pm Eastern US Time Where: Bloom Network's Discord, in the Video Chat channel: https://discord.gg/AmgxJuQkas (Discord is a chat program built by/for gaming communities.)What: Learn how to use Ethereum and cryptocurrency, by donating...

Urban Soil Regeneration Project

by Hannah Mitchell, Bloom Whangarei, New Zealand An example of the kinds of things we can be doing to transform narratives around climate change, is helping design "how-to" guides for our local communities, on putting into practise hands-on regenerative practises that...

There are 16 local Blooms in 7 countries, and over 50 projects have been incubated and started through the network. We estimate there are 30,000 people involved on the ground, and growing quickly. Bloom participants support each other across different towns and countries by sharing knowledge and building upon each other’s breakthroughs.

If you are concerned about big social challenges like climate change and social inequality, through Bloom(ing) you will find ways to do something about it that is meaningful to you, in community with other people. If you are a maker or leader working on regenerative initiatives, Bloom is a place you can find peer support for developing your projects and distributing your offerings.  

Bloom Network’s Goals

1. Inspire a billion acts of regeneration

2. Build capacity and relationships across regenerative culture initiatives

3. Transfer power and resources to decentralized networks

Cover image by Jessica Perlstein. It’s an illustration for the film version of The Fifth Sacred Thing, a novel by Starhawk.