Welcome to  Bloom

inspiring a billion acts of regeneration

Bloom Network is an international community of people and projects working toward regenerative cultures. Local Bloom hubs around the world grow participation in practices such as food security, local economies, celebrations of diversity, and art as cultural transformation.

Why? There are tens of thousands of solutions for climate restoration and social equity all over the world. However, they are invisible to the general public and disconnected from one another. Bloom connects people and existing initiatives, locally and globally, to build capacity together and inspire a billion acts of regeneration.

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

-William Gibson 

There are 16 local Blooms in 7 countries, and over 50 projects have been incubated and started through the network. We estimate there are 30,000 people involved on the ground, and growing quickly. Bloom participants support each other across different towns and countries by sharing knowledge and building upon each other’s breakthroughs.

If you are concerned about big social challenges like climate change and social inequality, through Bloom(ing) you will find ways to do something about it that is meaningful to you, in community with other people. If you are a maker or leader working on regenerative initiatives, Bloom is a place you can find peer support for developing your projects and distributing your offerings.  

Bloom Network’s Goals

1. Inspire a billion acts of regeneration

2. Build capacity and relationships across regenerative culture initiatives

3. Transfer power and resources to decentralized global networks

Cover image by Jessica Perlstein. It’s an illustration for the film version of The Fifth Sacred Thing, a novel by Starhawk.