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inspiring a billion acts of regeneration

Why Bloom?

“As we face climate change and rapid economic shifts as a global civilization, there is a need for people everywhere to adopt regenerative practices, and to change many of the industrial systems from extractive to regenerative wherever possible.

“Regenerative” refers to ways of living, working, and being together that create more life and more diversity. Local Bloom hubs and our digital communications together help more people find and adopt regenerative practices, so that we can be well together.

The time for regenerative action is NOW – get involved via Bloom Network today.

Local Action Networks

Find your local Bloom meetup to discover and support regenerative solutions in your bioregion, as well as connect in-person with members of the global network community.

Global Collaboration

Join our monthly Community Call for skillshares and peer networking. Become a member to access the Global Change Collective: an augmented intelligence network that helps you ask questions, find collaborators, and get matched with the right people with the right knowledge to help you.


Collective Wisdom

Surf the Bloom wiki and blogs to learn about regenerative culture from leaders across different social movements and industries.

Cover image is by Jessica Perlstein. It’s an illustration for the film version of The Fifth Sacred Thing, a novel by Starhawk.